The magic recipe of Soap Bubbles is the dream to share.

The troupe l’Envers du Monde evolves between theater and visual arts.
The troupe creates its own poetic language with its soap bubbles shows.
The troupe’s artists aim to create public awareness by initiating provoking, sense of touch, or by simply sharing unique moments. Its singular universe gently leads to daydreaming.

For the public, this is all about discovering a rare and original discipline and for our troupe, it’s all about sharing our passion. We also propose educational and fun scientific workshops.

The different shows we offer :

“The Bubbles Tamer” is a show of soap bubbles and digital art for all ages.
It is a vision of poetry and performance that gently leads to daydreaming.
“Wind Wanderers” is a street performance with giant bubbles, a dreamlike poetry.
“In my bubble” is a Clown anc Soap Bubbles for kids.

We travel in Europe and overseas for indoor and outdoor performances